TOP 10 countries with absurd laws

Did you know there are so many countries with absurd laws? Do you want to find out which ones are the weirdest?

Read below to find out!

1. Myanmar

It’s illegal to access the internet. Anyone who does that risk to sit behind bars. Also in Myanmar, during World War I, the men who were gay, were executed on the spot, without a trial.

2. Singapore

In Singapore it’s contrary to the laws of that country to chewing gum in public spaces. Anyone how chewing gum during walking on the street risk fines of up to 440 euro.

3. Italy

In Milan you are not allowed to frown in public. The law says that you must smile all the time on the streets of the city, exceptional circumstances being funerals and hospital visits.

4. Switzerland

In Switzerland it’s illegal to slam the door of any car. Also in Switzerland, absinthe consumption it’s legal but production and marketing it is prohibited.

5. Finland

Because the famous cartoon character, Donald Duck, don’t wear long pants, the cartoon movies that had him as the main hero were banned by law in Finland.

6. USA (Connecticut)

In Connecticut it’s illegal to go into reverse, after the sunset, while for Christmas are used only white lights. Also in Connecticut it’s illegal for any beautician to hum, to whistle or to sing while is working on a client.

7. England

In 1837 in England, if a man kisses a woman without her permission, there is a law that allows the woman who has been kissed, to bite the guilty man as hard as she can.

8. USA (Oklahoma)

In Oklahoma, any person who makes faces deliberately to a dog, go to jail for aggression for the best friend of man.

9. Romania

In 1935, The Government of Romania introduced a law which the Mickey Mouse cartoon character was forbidden because he was so badly drawn that he scared the kids.

10. Irak

In 1979, the Iraqi political regime banned martial arts films especially those with Bruce Lee.

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