5 things you should know if you want to study Law

Are you planing on studying law? Or you are on the fence and want to know more about your possible life in law school?

Read below to find out more!

1. Read! Learn! Repeat!

First thing you’ll hear when you start studying Law will be “learn early” or “prepare for each class”.

We know that sometimes this task will feel impossible, but it is very important not to fall behind with your work because the exam period is short and you don’t have enough time to learn everything then. So equip yourself with patience and very, very much attention and focus! If you treat superficial all this smorgasbord of information, this will be visible in the exams but, mostly, in the career you choose.

2. Law school isn’t like in the movies

Student life in movies is very interesting: cases, trials, stylish outfit, and many crimes.

For many students, this might be the main attraction, but in reality, things are not quite like that. Of course, you will have all of this, but unfortunately only in theory. In practice, you will have a taste of law courts only if you get an internship at a law firm and if you are lucky to have a mentor that takes you with him to show you how this job is actually done.

3. Law books are very expensive

You better start saving money, because most law books are very expensive.

But here’s a tip: buy used books from older colleagues. Apart from the fact that these books are much cheaper than those in bookstores, you will also be more environmentally friendly by recycling.

4. You will wonder quite often if you chose well

There will be days when you fail an exam or just feel like you don’t know anything and wonder if you made the right academic choice. Welcome to Law school!

Most of us get through this and if you really love Law, the answer is “yes, you chose well”. Keep it going and be optimistic!

5. Employment opportunities

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for a Law graduate.

Beside most known careers (lawyer, judge, notary), you can also choose from many other occupations. For example, you can be a legal adviser for a company or NGO, law teacher, bailiff, registrar, mediator and many more.

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