5 professions you can pursue after Law School

Many students choose to study at the Faculty of Law due to its prestige and fame. However, few of them end up really practicing law.

If you are a law student, or you want to study law in the future, here are 5 legal professions that you can pursue:


If you always have arguments at hand, support your opinion no matter what and seek solutions in any situation, then this profession suits you. In order to become a junior lawyer you require a license in law, you must pass the bar exam, then complete a 2 years apprenticeship with an experienced lawyer and pass the final bar exam to become a fully-qualified lawyer.


Romanian prosecutors and judges are collectively called magistrates.

  • Prosecutors are usually the ones who issue charges during a criminal trial, in order to protect the rights of citizens.
  • Judges are the ones who reach a final decision in the case after listening to both the charges and the defense. In order to become a magistrate, you must finish law school and pass an exam in order to be admitted to the National Institute of Magistrates. The magistrate studies take 4 years and they end with a final exam, followed by a period of apprenticeship.

Notary public

The notary is a graduate of the faculty of law and also member of the National Union of Notaries in Romania and of Notary Public Chamber, by passing an admission exam and following an apprenticeship period. His activities include authorizing documents, carrying out real estate transactions, inheritance cases, making legalized copies of various documents and many others.

Bailiff/Enforcement agent

The bailiff is generally responsible to re-instates people into their legal rights. He enforces final court decisions, issues evictions orders, commits parents to the children’s welfare and even chases persons who did not pay their debt. In order to become a bailiff you must have a license in law and pass an exam after your period of apprenticeship.

Legal adviser

A legal adviser can offer consultancy in all fields of law, as well as assistance and representation in court cases. It is considered a more relaxed professions than the above, with less amount of work and generally a 9 to 5 schedule. In order to become an authorized legal counsel you must have a license in law and pass the legal counsel exam, after a 2 years apprenticeship period. Legal counsels are usually employed in companies or public authorities right after finishing law school.

Ana-Maria Ioana

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