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Why do we study Roman law?

roman law

The feeling of success is indescribable and you get to feel it when you see that…

5 facts you didn’t know about Romanian lawyers

5 facts romanian lawyer

Law is a fascinating field of study and profession. In Romania, the essential condition for practicing…

10 reasons why you should study law

law career

There are a lot of misconceptions about having a career in law: that only people with…

Romanian employment visa

Romanian employment visa

What is the Romanian employment visa (D/AM)? It is a long-stay visa which allows you to…

Five of the best lawyers around the world

best lawyers

Alan Dershowitz Alan Dershowitz is an American lawyer and academic, who was also a teacher at…

What is technical unemployment?

technical unemployment

In the Labour Code, technical unemployment is regulated under Articles 52 and 53 referring to the…

Collective employee dismissal

collective dismissal

The notion of collective dismissal Collective dismissal is defined by Article 68 of the Labour Code…

Differences between Civil Law and the Common Law

Civil law Civil law is a legal system primarily used in Europe, originating from Roman law….

5 professions you can pursue after Law School

Many students choose to study at the Faculty of Law due to its prestige and fame….

5 Romanian Lawyers who changed the face of law – Part II

Romania is an amazing country to visit, but besides that, it is a country that used…