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Curiosities about Romanian judges

curiosities about romanian judges

Maybe you are interested in making a career as a judge, maybe you just want to…

5 differences between litigation and arbitration

difference litigation arbitration

Cost The recent rise in popularity of arbitration as a method of dispute-settlement has led to…

10 reasons why you should study law

law career

There are a lot of misconceptions about having a career in law: that only people with…

Differences between Civil Law and the Common Law

Civil law Civil law is a legal system primarily used in Europe, originating from Roman law….

5 professions you can pursue after Law School

Many students choose to study at the Faculty of Law due to its prestige and fame….

“Oamenii Dreptății” Movie | Q&A Session with Ruxandra Vișoiu

Oamenii Dreptatii

“Oamenii Dreptății” (People of Justice) is a movie created by the Leaders for Justice Association in…