Data protection (GDPR)

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Is your company GDPR compliant, following the work of an experienced consultant? Or did you choose to postpone this aspect until later, because it never looked like a priority, but that ‘later’ never came?

GDPR has caused quite a big stir in the corporate world, and no wonder – the fines are bigger than expected and the legislation is very complex. What applies to one company most likely does not apply to another. And poorly implementing GDPR can do even more harm than good.

The main advantage is that once you have all your GDPR paperwork and procedures in order, you will keep using them for years to come. Not to mention that you’ll be safe from any possible complains to the data protection authorities.

If you are not sure your business is GDPR compliant, we can assist you with any of the following:

  • Privacy policy, cookie policy
  • Website terms and conditions
  • Internal company policy
  • Special contractual clauses
  • Review of existing GDPR policies and clauses, second opinion
  • Video surveillance procedures
  • General GDPR compliance for employees, present and potential clients

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