Contract Law

As a famous Latin proverb says, “verba volant scripta manent“. This means that spoken words can easily be forgotten, but written word is permanent and binding.

This is not just a simple proverb, but a very harsh reality in the business world. Verbal communication can always be flawed, words can be misunderstood, but written word will always rule. Not having a solid contract can cost you a lot of time and money later on, not to mention the frustration that you didn’t act in time to mitigate your losses.

We can help you with drafting or reviewing any of the following:

  • Sale-purchase agreement for movable or immovable assets
  • Rental contract
  • Consultancy agreement
  • Acquisition of intellectual property
  • Bylaws
  • Transfer of shares
  • Commission contract
  • Power of attorney
  • Services agreement

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