5 reasons why Romania is an expat-friendly country

Quite often, Romania is chosen by foreign citizens to have residence (and even domicile) in this country, according to the moderate standard of living, but also to the advantage of a location where all types of landscape blend perfectly.

Thus, once arrived here, foreign citizens can enjoy the facilities that the country offers, given that we are a fairly friendly country. Next, we will present 5 reasons why Romania creates a favorable environment for foreigners.

The country has a considerable tourist potential

As mentioned at the beginning, we have many forms of relief, from the boundless hills to the rocky peaks of the Carpathian Mountains surrounded by bushy forests. When we speak about Bucharest, we are only two and a half hours away from the Black Sea, if you are interested in relaxing by the sea, but also you are at the same time away from Brasov, a touristic city in the heart of the mountains.

The refuge in nature can be a real opportunity to rediscover and connect with yourself and there are many locations you can choose from. For example, the Rucăr-Bran area is attractive and you can find out more here.

You can connect with other people of the same citizenship

Indeed, there are many groups on social networks where you can connect with people of your own or even other nationalities, with whom you have the opportunity to develop a friendly relationship and create connections. In addition, they can be useful because they present location recommendations, including courses that expats can take, useful sites, valuable information, and so on.

You can find a job in a fairly short amount of time

The advantage of knowing a foreign language can position you in some pretty good jobs, and in Romania we are looking for people who have this advantage. You can find jobs in the field of constructions, IT, engineering, management, etc. and thus obtain a work permit when you find a potential employer. However, this integration process may take some time.

If you want to study in Romania, the fees are quite low

Also, if you have children and live with your family, they will benefit from free education from the age of 3 until the end of high school if you choose a form of state education. The fees charged by colleges are not as high as in other states and it is known that we have fairly well-rated university centers that provide quality training to students, but also significant support for foreign students. The diplomas that are obtained in the Romanian education system benefit from international recognition, so if you do not want to stay in the country, you can easily use your educational background in another country. You can read more about the advantages of Romanian education here.

You benefit from help even if you don’t speak Romanian

You don’t have to worry about not speaking Romanian, because it can easily be learned, especially if you come from a country whose language has Latin roots. Even if you fail to have a discussion in English, there is the possibility to use special phone apps  or ask for the help of translators, if needed. Usually, Romanians are quite jumpy and receptive when it comes to giving help, so you should not worry.

Instead of conclusion

There are several advantages that you have the chance to benefit from when  arriving in Romania, especially since the cost of living is quite low. We invite you to also read our article on the reasons to consider if you want to move to Romania!

Miruna-Casiana Dumitrașcu

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