December 1st is considered a national day, as we celebrate the union of Transylvania, Crișana and Maramureș with Romania. In history, it remained the name “Great Union of December 1, 1918” and it took place in Alba Iulia. There are several activities that are organized, on this occasion, in the country where anyone can participate in, especially since December 1 is declared a free, non-working day.

Participate in the military parade in Bucharest

Every year, the military parade is organized in Bucharest, in the area of Herăstrău – Piața Arcul de Triumf, where soldiers and specialists from the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Romanian Intelligence Service and the National Administration of Penitentiaries participate. They also participate, as a rule, with different technical means, aircraft that fly over Bucharest and last around an hour. You can see here how it was last year, in Bucharest.

Events are organized right in the Capital of the Union

An army parade will take place in Alba Iulia, as well as pieces of military equipment presented to the public. And helicopters and planes will not be missing, they will fly over the territory all this time. Workshops are organized for children, as well as concerts. In 2022, if you want to read more about how the events unfolded, you can find out from this article. Also here, the famous popular meal consisting of portions of food and wine will be present and all these foods will be given to the participants free of charge.

December 1, 2023 is a Friday, so you have a long weekend ahead of you

Yes, you will have 3 days to enjoy the beginning of winter, whether you choose to relax at home or schedule a well-deserved vacation in another part of the country.

As recommendations of areas that you can visit, quite quiet and suitable for nature lovers, would be Şirnea, in Brașov county. Here you have the opportunity to admire the views towards the Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului, seasoned with fresh air, and if you stop for just a few minutes to enjoy what you see, you will feel how the calm atmosphere surrounds you and you will only hear the birds, which, from time to time, flies above you.

There are also routes that you can do, for example the T1 ecotourism route, which will take you through the streets of the village and you can have the opportunity to talk directly with the locals, see what activities they are involved in at that time and what recommendations they offer you.

You can also choose the urban environment for your vacation, and besides Alba Iulia, you can visit Brașov. The most spectacular point is Vârful Tâmpa and the belvedere point, where you can reach by cable car and see an overall view of the city, both the “old” and the “new”.

The people from Days and Nights are constantly publishing events taking place in Bucharest, so you can follow the page to be in touch with what is happening on December 1st.

Miruna-Casiana Dumitrașcu

Content Creator R&R Partners Bucharest

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