The Law School of the University of Bucharest | Short history

In 1832 the higher legal and scientific courses were created within the St. Sava National College, in 1859 the Faculty of Law became an independent institution, and in 1864 the establishment of the University of Bucharest was approved.

In the first years of existence, within the Faculty of Law there were 9 departments: Roman law, Romanian civil law and civil law procedure, Romanian criminal law and criminal law procedure, commercial law, constitutional law, administrative law and political economy and the duration of studies it was of 4 years.

Between 1921 and 1933, statistics showed that 43.1% of Romanian students were enrolled in law schools, which led to the initiative to create a special material base.

Between 1868 and 1989 there were 2 sections: Law and Economic-Administrative Law and from 1975 to 1990, the dean of the Faculty also took over the management of the Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy.

From 1990, the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest began to enjoy a growing popularity and from the academic year 2004-2005 it benefits of courses in the distance learning system.

Currently, the Faculty has many research centers, a library that is available to students, professors with extensive experience and cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad. Multiple activities are also organized such as international sessions and conferences, debates, round tables, practical seminars, case studies, experimental processes, methodological seminars, international schools, holiday schools, pleading and essay competitions, magazine launches.

In fact, special attention is paid to the series “Annals of the University of Bucharest” in which articles and studies are published on the main legal institutions, as well as court solutions both in Romania and internationally.

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