5 things to do in Romania this winter

Even if winter comes into its own in an atypical way, late compared to what we expected, the cold season comes with different opportunities if you live in Romania or you choose to spend your vacation in this country.

Try skiing on one of our slopes!

You can ski in several areas in Romania, and if you don’t know how to ski, you shouldn’t have any problems. On the slopes you will always find monitors (instructors) willing to teach you in a fairly short time how to practice this sport to be as safe as possible, but also what clothing recommendations you should wear.

As a tip, you can go to the Sibiu area to stay, and then to Arena Platoș Păltiniș. Of course, if you don’t like skiing, there is also a slope for sledding or climbing with the chairlift, and the apres ski bar can represent a good moment of relaxation.

Do you like traditions?

In the Maramureș area, on Christmas time, the absolutely authentic traditions of that area return to the fore. If you choose an accommodation in the area, you can live with the locals and they can create real experiences through gastronomy, clothing and local customs. Of course, maybe carolers will come with the whole procession!

It is a habit is on the first day of the year, when it is the St. Basil’s Day. In the morning you have to wash yourself with water in which a penny, a sprig of basil and a sprig of fir have been placed, and during all this time, a enchant is hummed. Interesting, right?

Visit the Christmas markets!

As a rule, the biggest Christmas market in Bucharest is in Craiova city, but there are other fairs where you can go to enjoy the scenery taken from the stories, for example in Bucharest, Timișoara, Oradea, Cluj or Brașov.

It represents a moment of respiro, when time stands still, and this occasion can be a very good one to socialize with friends while you enjoy a mulled wine, a hot chocolate or the famous gingerbread. If it snows, then we can really consider ourselves to be in a fairy tale.

Would you stay in a hotel made of … ice?

Yes, in Romania an ice hotel is built almost every year at Bâlea Lac, on Transfăgărășan, and this can represent a unique and downright interesting experience during the cold season. Around 8,000 tourists pass through the hotel annually since 2005, a place where ice artists put together their patience, creativity and skills to develop a real home for those who want really great sensations.

Do you think paragliding is only organized in the summer?

Romania has spectacular landscapes in winter, so it would be a shame to miss such an authentic panorama through a paragliding flight. There are several flight slopes, but you will definitely find a very good location recommendation, but also a favorable time when the weather conditions allow the flight.

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