5 tourist cities in Romania

It is known that Romania has the most and various forms of relief, unimaginable places, full of stories and full of history, at the same time. Here, you have the opportunity to go, in a very short time, from a mountain area with sensational images, to an endless beach, with fine sand and full sun. We thought to highlight 5 tourist towns that are worth visiting if you come to the Romanian plains at some point.

Bucharest or Little Paris, the capital of Romania

And not just because it is the capital of Romania, but it has its own charm if you walk through the historic streets in the established neighborhoods, visit the museums that still preserve their architecture and air of the past, enjoy the modern urban life. It will help if you’re an explorer, of sorts, and you’re curious about the story behind the things you discover. Here you can visit the Old Center, Calea Victoriei, the Parliament Palace, the National History Museum, the Cotroceni Museum, the city parks.

Sibiu, the medieval city in beautiful Transylvania

Sibiu is also known as Hermannstadt, if you will find this name as well. The old, historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there you can enjoy its impressive architecture and beautiful squares. If you come during a period when cultural events are taking place, you will have the opportunity to participate in them. One of the most famous streets is Strada Cetății, being very secluded, where you can also visit the Museum of Natural History. You can also enjoy a visit to the Citadel Towers, the Brukenthal Museum, the Council Tower or the Astra Museum.

Timisoara, “City of Flowers”

It is a city recognized for its baroque architecture and varied cultural influences. If you walk around the city, you will discover, one by one, all the jewels he has and has kept over time. Among other things, it is considered the place where the Romanian Revolution took place in 1989, when the communist regime was replaced by the democratic one. There are many places you can visit that are truly notable attractions such as the Union Square, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Central Park or the Art Museum.

Cluj-Napoca, directly in the heart of Transylvania

Or Cluj, in a simplified form, is famous for its vibrant cultural life, but also for its slightly youthful atmosphere, as it is a renowned university center in Romania. What can complete the experience is visiting the surroundings of the city, as you have the opportunity to position yourself in the middle of an indescribable nature, which is rarely preserved nowadays. Unirii Square, Cetătuia Park, Saint Michael’s Cathedral, Tărnița Lake and the Art Museum are just some of its attractions.

Brasov, picturesque city

It is a city very visited by both us and foreign tourists, a picturesque city with a very well-preserved old center. We are located on the old lands of the Saxons, with superb mountain landscapes, Brașov being framed by the Carpathian mountains. That’s why many choose this destination in winter for the popular slopes. You have several tourist attractions that you can visit, for example the Black Church, the Council Square, Strada Sforii (considered the narrowest street in Europe) or go to the top of Tâmpa Mountain, from where you can have an overview of the old city, but also of the new one. Near Brașov is also the Bran Castle, where it is said that Vlad Țepeș or Vlad the Impaler lived, the legends that surrounded the world everywhere.

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