Why you should register a trademark for your Romanian company

It’s possible that when you start your business, you will inevitably hear talking about trademarks and how important it is to register them to protect your business. There are several reasons why it is essential to take this step, with the help of specialists, but we need to clarify what a trademark is.

So, what is a trademark?

A trademark is any sign, word, letter, slogan, image, etc. that can serve to identify a product or service. In this way, we ensure that there is a difference between various competitors in the market, and the consumer will associate that trademark with the company that owns it and not with other similar or identical services. The law does not compel trademark registration, so unfortunately if you do not register it, it can lead to unfair competition or counterfeiting.

Why it is important to register the trademark?

For potential customers, things are pretty simple. Once there is a trademark, they will recognize a category of products or services and refer back to that company if they want to, based on the experience provided. It is this experience that leads consumers to not prefer other similar products or services and to return, whenever needed.

One reason would be that it helps you protect your company’s identity

If you choose to register your trademark, this will give you exclusive rights to the name, symbol or slogan associated with the company, meaning that only you will be able to use them. This prevents the risk of other market actors using or taking advantage of your company’s identity, so it ensures that consistency and recognition in the eyes of consumers that the products/services come from you.

You can avoid court cases

Once you register it, you’ll have peace of mind if someone tries to use your brand illegally. Owning a trademark gives you the right to take legal action against it without your permission. If there is a conflict between trade names, your trademark will take precedence. It is based on the principle that it is not registered = it does not exist from a legal point of view. Counterfeiting a trademark or placing a product on the market bearing an identical or similar trademark to a trademark registered for identical or similar products is an offense and punishable by imprisonment or a fine.

Give customers credibility and trust

You probably also tend to attach more importance when you see a trademark registered. Thus, an advantage would be that it conveys professionalism and seriousness, which contributes to building the trust of customers and, why not, business partners.

You create long-term value

If we think of a company’s most valuable assets, brand is often one of them. If you ever decide to sell or expand your business in the future, it can be a big plus to register it.

Miruna-Casiana Dumitrașcu

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