When can my Romanian citizenship application be rejected?

In order to get your Romanian passport, you need to apply for Romanian citizenship first. To this end, you must submit a file with the Romanian Citizenship Authority (Autoritatea Nationala pentru Cetatenie)

But do you know in which cases your file can be rejected by the Citizenship Authority? Read below to find out the most common rejection grounds and their solutions!

1. You submitted an incomplete file

The first thing that can lead to the rejection of your citizenship application regards the paperwork you are submitting. Here are the most common examples: international documents without apostille, expired criminal record, lack of official documents in your application.

Your file must be complete at the time of submission. You can have big problems if you have an incomplete file, because he citizenship authority can request additional paperwork in a very small time frame. And if you do not have them ready on time, this can cause a rejection of your application.

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2. You do not speak the Romanian language

Another very common case in which you can be denied the Romanian citizenship is if you do not speak Romanian well.

No matter how you apply for the Romanian citizenship, there will be a brief Romanian language test. If you come to take the vow of allegiance to the Romanian state without speaking the language, you will be denied the Romanian citizenship and you will have to reapply.

3. You are a foreign citizen and applied for naturalization

Another case of refusal is for non-EU citizens who do not apply for the repatriation procedure, but choose to apply for naturalization (Art. 8).

In this case, they will have to pass an extensive Romanian test (history, geography, culture, the Constitution). If they do not pass it, their application will be rejected and will have to reapply after another 6 months.

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4. You do not have permanent residency

The fourth case of refusal for your citizenship application comes when you are not a Romanian permanent resident.

There are some situations in which you can apply for the Romanian citizenship without having permanent residency first, at the time of your application. But you will have to meet the requirements before your file has a final decision from the citizenship authority.

Therefore, you should apply for Romanian permanent residency and obtain it before your citizenship procedure is over and you are invited to have the vow of allegiance to the Romanian state.

5. You do not comply with the general conditions for your application

Your citizenship file will also be rejected if you do not comply with the general conditions for your application. For example, it does not clearly result from your documents that you had a Romanian ancestor or there are many discrepancies in the documents, so it is unclear that they are one and the same person. Such discrepancies can happen with names, Aleksandr can become Alexander and Maria becomes Mary, but you do not have legal proof of such name change.

A similar case is when you do not comply with the required terms: 5 years of being married with a Romanian, 8 years of staying in Romania or the proof of revenue required for establishing your domicile in Romania.

For example, if a non-EU citizen was married to another non-EU citizen, their spouse obtained the Romanian citizenship through ancestry and then they applied for naturalization. However, in this case, the time spent in Romania and being married with the non-EU citizen before he got the Romanian citizenship was not considered marriage with a Romanian citizen. The marriage started from the time of naturalization, respectively when the spouse got the Romanian citizenship.

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