Five myths about the Romanian Passport

The passport, in essence, is a way of identifying a person at an international level. When someone travels to another country, either by train, car or by plane, he or she will require a valid passport in order to cross the border.

However, there are some special regulations for countries part of the European Union. For those who live in one of these countries, such as Romania, crossing the border can be done just by showing your national ID.

Searching on the Internet in order to find answers for your legal issues can be a tricky thing to do. There are many websites that provide information about how to obtain a passport, but just a few can be trusted. Taking those into consideration, we have to be very careful when searching online in order not to fall for a trap.

Myth #1

The first myth about the Romanian Passport is that anyone can get this passport just by applying online. For sure, there are many documents that everybody can get online these days, but it does not mean that the process is that simple also for a passport. So, if a website says to upload an application and that is all you have to do in order to get the Romanian passport, it is for sure a scam.

The legal way to obtain a passport is by getting Romanian citizenship. It is indeed the only way to do such a thing and any other manner would be out of the legal path.

Myth #2

The second myth is that everybody who wants to obtain Romanian passport can do so just by paying a large sum of money. In other words, some people think that just by investing a lot of money in Romania, anybody can get a passport. However, nobody can actually do that, especially if a shady website says so.

It is true that investing a sum of over 100.000 euros or 1 million euros can bring you some advantages with regard to the application for the Romanian citizenship, but it can never assure the Romanian passport itself.

Myths #3

The third myth is that the passport is not linked in any way to the citizenship status.

As we mentioned, there is a correlation between the two of them. When showing the Romanian passport, you prove not only your identity, but also your country of origin.

Myth #4

The fourth myth is that there is not any condition like living in Romania or having Romanian ancestry in order to obtain the passport.

Obviously, this is not true because the citizenship itself requires one of those two conditions, which are also the two main ways of becoming a Romanian citizen: by naturalization and by descent.

Myth #5

The fifth and last myth is that the passport, once obtained, will extend to some of your relatives, such as children or spouse, who become Romanian citizens automatically.

It must be clarified that this does not happen by default. However, the person with whom you are married will have to wait less time when applying for Romanian citizenship. And, in some particular cases, getting Romanian citizenship can extend strictly to your minors children.


All in all, it is true that there are many websites or other sources that misinform the population about how to obtain a Romanian passport, but it is important not to fall for these traps.

But, instead, you should do more extensive research and, preferably, consult an expert on the matter, like an immigration lawyer.

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