How to renew your Romanian residency permit

If you started reading this article, chances are that your Romanian residency permit will expire soon and you are interested in extending its duration!

Be aware that each residency permit has a purpose, which is in accordance with your visa. Please keep in mind that it’s very important to apply for the same purpose as your initial residency permit. For example, family reunification, business purposes, work or studies.

If you want to renew your residency, your legal situation should be the same like when you got your permit. For example, if you came to Romania with your spouse you should not have gotten divorced. Or if you came to study, you should still be a Romanian student. Also note that in some cases you cannot renew your residency permit. Like in the case of a volunteer permit, because the volunteer visa can only be issued for one year.

We strongly advise you not to apply for a different purpose on permit renewal, because it is a very complicated procedure. Trying to change the purpose on your own can lead to serious issues which could affect your residency status.

Also consider the validity duration of the documents that are needed for your file. Usually, these documents are like the ones you submitted initially and they do have an expiration date. Always check the validity of your files to avoid issues at the immigration office (IGI)!

Pro tip: get an online appointment with the immigration office before the expiration date of your residency permit. This way, you will avoid staying in line and you will know the exact time and date when the immigration officer waits for you.

Usually, the term of submission for the residency renewal (without getting any fines) is between 60 to 30 days before the expiration date. It’s not necessary to get the renewal earlier than those 60 days, but if it’s any later than 30 days, you’ll get a fine. And if you wait too long and your permit has been expired for a while, you even risk expulsion from Romania for illegal stay!

You will also need to prepare your file early and begin collecting the documents well before the two months period. This way, you’ll have everything ready for the submission and you could have the chance of making the appointment in that perfect interval of 60 to 30 days before the expiration date.

After all of that, you just need to wait for your new residency permit! The waiting period can vary from city to city, so from one immigration office to another.

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