How to employ non-EU citizens in Romania

In order to hire non-EU citizens, Romanian companies have to obtain an employment approval from the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI).

We will answer below the most frequently asked questions received by R&R Partners Bucharest on this matter.

Does it matter if my company has fiscal debts?

Yes, it matters. In order to get non-EU employees, companies must submit their fiscal ascertaining certificate, issued by the public finance administration where they are headquartered. The certificate should confirm payment of fiscal obligations for the last quarter.

If the company did not pay their taxes, they cannot employ non-EU citizens.

Is there a minimum wage for non-EU employees?

Yes, companies must provide non-EU employees with the minimum gross wage, i.e. 2.230 lei (applicable in 2020).

By 2018, employers had to provide employees with the average gross wage in Romania, over 4.000 lei, a much larger sum that it is today.

Does the annual revenue of my company matter?

No, the annual revenue is not important for companies who wish to get non-EU workers. However, the company should not be in insolvency.

My company is new on the market, does this make a difference?

No, it does not matter how old your company is when employing foreign citizens. You can get non-EU employees even if your company is newly incorporated.

If the company has zero Romanian employees, can I get non-EU employees?

Yes, it does not matter even if your company has no employees at all. Having both Romanian and foreign employees is not a condition when obtaining work permits for non-EU workers.

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