A passport is an official travel document, which mainly shows the identity and nationality of its holder.

But did you ever think what are the most important advantages for a foreigner when they obtain a Romanian passport?

→ The first advantage is that the Romanian passport is an European passport. As you might know, Romania has been the member of European Union since 2007, which means we have many advantages as a country.

→ The second one is that we have free movement inside the European Union. If you have a Romanian citizenship, you can use just your Romanian ID when traveling. But if you came from another country which is not part of E.U. and choose to obtain Romanian citizenship, you can use the Romanian passport and travel freely outside its borders.

→ The third advantage is that not only can you travel to other European countries as a tourist, but you can live there for a longer period of time. However, if you just obtained your permanent residency based on reasons like marriage or a job, you have various limitations. Not to mention that if this situation is terminated by any reason, like a divorce or being fired, you also lose all privileges related to this particular status.

→ The fourth advantage is that if you are a Romanian citizen and you hold this passport, your children will also be Romanian. This is quite a great thing because it’s not the same in all countries. Some countries have what we call “Jus loci”, which is the “law of the place” – If you are born there, then you are a citizen of that country. But in Romania we have something different, called “Jus sanguinis”. It means that when your parents or at least one of your parents is Romanian, you and your child will be Romanian. But, of course, you still have to declare the child at the public authorities and do the necessary paperwork.

Last, but not least, if you have a Romanian passport, you can also bring a family member, like your relative or your own child, to Romania. You can apply for a family reunification visa for them and later, a residency permit.

There are so many opportunities in Romania that can’t be missed. So we highly recommend obtaining the Romanian citizenship (make sure to check out our Amazon  eBook to study for the citizenship test) and, later, the Romanian passport, in order to make living in this country easier and more enjoyable!

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