Can I work during my studies in Romania?

Working in Romania during your studies involves several steps, that will be presented below in detail.

Because, yes, it is possible to get a job while you are a foreign student in Romania!

What is the first step? Become a Romanian student! 

Firstly, in order to be a student in Romania, you have to get approved by a university. It can either be a public university or a private one, it does not matter. Then, you must get a student visa to enter Romania. Afterwards, you should obtain the residency permit for studies purposes from IGI (Inspectoratul Roman pentru Imigrari).

Just to stress this a bit more, you cannot employ yourself as a student in Romania until you get the residency permit for study purposes. So just a student visa is not enough, you must also be a Romanian resident if you want a job legally.

How can you make sure your employment agreement is legal? 

You can get a job while you are a Romanian resident for studies, as long as you have a part-time agreement with maximum 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. So you cannot get a full time job while you are a foreign student in Romania.

Also, you need to check your residency permit to have the following words written on it: Drept de munca. There are a few situations when you cannot get a job in Romania, although you are here for studies.

The most frequent problem appears when you have a residency permit for high school, you are over 18 years old and technically you can employ yourself. But the practice of the immigration office is to consider this as illegal employment.

If there is any situations in which you are unsure of your status, you can send an official inquiry to the immigration office (IGI) and they will usually answer within 30 days. Or get an immigration lawyer to sort out your situation!

What are the obligations of the employer and employee?

After signing the work agreement, both parties, employer and employee, need to notify the immigration office regarding their new work contract.

So, within 10 days after entering the work agreement, you need to send a special notice to the authorities. Also, any and all amendments to the work agreement needs to be notified to the immigration office, including the termination of the work agreement.

In other words, IGI needs to know when you get a job in Romania, if your employment conditions are changed and when you terminate that job (either by agreement, if you quit your job of if you get fired).

Aisha Mahmood

Legal Intern @ R&R Partners 

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