Romanian residency can be granted both temporarily and permanently. Following this classification, the ways in which it can be lost also differ.

How can you lose your temporary residency?

First of all, the right of temporary residency is lost when the purpose for which this right was granted is no longer fulfilled. One of the most common situations is that of international students who give up their studies in Romania. With the termination of their studies, the right of temporary residency in Romania is also lost.

Furthermore, the partner of a Romanian citizen loses his Romanian residency at the time of divorce. In the case of family members, there is a particular situation whereby they may lose the right of residency, such as leaving the territory of Romania for a period of more than 6 months in a year. However, the right of temporary residency is not affected if it can be demonstrated that leaving Romania was based on an important reason, such as fulfilling mandatory military service, absence due to pregnancy and childbirth or illness serious.

The right of temporary residency can also be lost in the case of foreign citizens who came to Romania on the basis of an employment contract. If that contract ends, then that person’s right of residency is no longer valid either. The same thing happens if the employer no longer has an economic activity;

Romanian residency is also lost in the case of foreigners who did not comply with customs regulations or tried to cross the state border illegally.

How can you lose your permanent residency?

The right to permanent residency is lost in the case of the conviction of the foreign citizen for certain crimes, for example, in the case of a prison sentence of more than 5 years following the commission of a crime;

If it is proven that you are a danger to society, then your right of permanent residency in Romania will be revoked;

Since the right of permanent residency is complemented by the right to have a domicile in Romania, the Romanian residency is lost the moment you obtain the right of permanent residency in another country.

Another case is the situation in which you leave both Romania and the European Union for a period of more than 12 consecutive months. If you leave Romania, but remain in European Union territory, the permanent residency permit can be withdrawn after a period of more than 6 years.

What situations lead to the loss of any type of residency permit in Romania?

There are situations that lead to both the loss of the right of temporary residency and the right of permanent residency.

The first of them would be the use of false identity documents to obtain the residency permit. If the Romanian Immigration Office finds out about this aspect, then the Romanian residency permit will not be valid, regardless of whether it is a temporary or permanent residency permit.

Another way to lose Romanian residency, both temporary and permanent, is to present a marriage as real, when in reality it does not exist. Since there is no civil relationship between the two partners, the foreign citizen loses the right to stay in Romania, similar to the situation of divorce.

Romanian residency is also lost if the foreigner enters Romanian territory under a false identity, although there is a ban on his name.

Daniela Sidovor

Legal Intern R&R Partners Bucharest

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