Are you a foreign citizen? Here are 5 reasons to move to Romania!

If you’re planning to leave your country and settle down in the beautiful Romania, but you are still unsure about this decision, we would like to give you five reasons to do so!

You can rent a home at an advantageous price

If you decided to come to Bucharest, the capital of Romania and you have no interest in purchasing a house, the prices for renting a single room or an apartment are quite advantageous.

It is the location that makes a difference. Bucharest (or ‘The Little Paris’ as it is known since 1900) is divided into 6 sectors and the costs are decreasing the farther you go from the central zone (Km 0 – Unirii Square)

For example, in 2020, if you are planning to come to the Southern area of the city, namely  the Berceni district, you can find rental places starting from 230 euros for a studio (a single room apartment) to 300 euros for a double room apartment. But if you decide on a studio downtown in Unirii – University district, the average price is around 350 euros or 470 euros for a multiple-room apartment).

Of course, you have to add utilities to these prices, too. They may vary between 50 and 80 euros. You can share this cost with someone else if you don’t want to stay alone. There are a lot of groups on Facebook where you can leave a post about being in search of a roommate or you can reply to existing posts.

You can find different websites with ads from the owner or the real estate agencies for renting homes, namely,,

Maybe you want to specialize in a certain field or start a new journey?

It is never too late to start a new career.

In Romania we have a wide variety of academic programs, LLMs, doctoral schools in an international language. For example, if you have a passion for economics, we have The Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest that offers faculties in English and French. And if you want to find out more about the European studies, you can choose The Faculty of Europeans Studies from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, in German and English.

Also, there are various university programs with a degree in a foreign language in big university centers around the country (like Timisoara, Iasi, Craiova) in another fields: geography, veterinary medicine, engineering.

It is a known fact that many citizens either from EU or non-EU countries come to Romania to study medicine because of the low tuition fees. They can vary between 1250 to 1900 euro per year, depending on the specialization. For example, there are some special sections in English and French in Cluj, and in 2018, at UMF, there were more than 2600 foreign citizens.

It is also a good opportunity for them to get in touch with multiculturalism and to broaden their horizons, the entire experience being perceived as a double challenge.

We are very receptive to innovations. If you have an idea, implement it!

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you come to Romania to open a business, this is actually the right place to be. We strive for diversity in both services and products, we are highly receptive when an entrepreneur comes with a new idea on the Romanian market.

But it is not the right place only for startups. Since 2007, when Romania entered the EU, foreign investors have been coming here because you can find trustworthy partners, quality resources and a good legislative framework for their development. They managed to create a lot of jobs and this fact helped the Romanian economy grow. If you are interested in opening a company here, you should definitely do some market research!

Do you know that Romania is one of the few member states of the European Union that has all landforms?

You can go on a holiday at the Black Sea and also reach the heart of the Southern Carpathians in in just a couple of hours drive from Bucharest. We have truly impressive scenery, and you can convince yourself reading about us on the Internet. You can find different stories from Romanians, but also from foreign citizens who came here.

Also, a new documentary was released on Netflix, Flavours in Romania, which will fascinate you and will put you, for a moment, in Charley’s place, its producer and director. He presents each part of our country (Maramures, Moldova, Banat, Oltenia, Transilvania, Muntenia), local habits, traditional food, places to visit. It is not something new that many people who live in cities start to migrate to rural places for a break from the urban agitation. But you can find out more about htis directly from the documentary.

We also have unique places, like The Danube Delta or Transalpina, Transfagarasan.

If you have the time, we would like to give you some  advice: visit all the places full of history. You can start with the castles (Bran, Peles, Pelisor, Corvin, Sturdza, Mogosoaia) and continue with the museums from all over the country, because in this way you can understand who we are and our evolution.

They are arranged in a way to be accessible to foreign citizens (the information is presented in the Romanian language, English and French)

Has someone said food?

Probably you heard about sarmale, mamaliga, tuica, but you didn’t have the opportunity to taste these Romanian specialties. Each part of the country has its traditional food. There are also other dishes prepared with passion by our chefs. You can feel their excitement and devotion while preparing your meals and you can combine this enthusiasm with a location decorated in a vintage way to recreate the past atmosphere. (eg. Caru’ cu Bere, Casa Domneasca).

We advise you to explore as much as you can, because Romania is the best place to do that. You will definitely discover something new and it could be a great opportunity to even rediscover yourself!

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    I sm from Ethiopia looking for vist Romania ,kindly request you how can i get invitation to processing my tourist visa with regard.

    • R&R Partners Bucharest
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      Hello, we are a law office. We cannot issue an invitation for you because we do not know you. But we can assist you to open a Romanian company or getting a visa remotely, we can chat more during a legal consult:

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    Very poor service, Someone replied how may I help you, I asked (I am retired from Pakistan Army and wana job in Romania, how can I apply for work permit and visa?) But no reply from your side.

    • R&R Partners Bucharest
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      Hello, unfortunately our law office cannot offer you an invitation letter or a work visa for Romania, we are not a work placement agency.

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