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Facial recognition & Privacy regulation in Romania

data privacy

Given the fact that Romania has had a boost in the technology pillar in recent years…

The Franchise agreement | What you need to know if you want to open a franchise in Romania?


Every day we are surrounded by brands that we love more or less: Reserved, 5 to…

Roman Law | Short history

roman law history

Roman law is an integral part of the European cultural heritage, it is the foundation of…

Crises of the European Union

eu crises

The European Union (EU) is an international organization comprising of 27 European countries and governing the…

Curiosities about Romanian judges

curiosities about romanian judges

Maybe you are interested in making a career as a judge, maybe you just want to…

Why do we study Roman law?

roman law

The feeling of success is indescribable and you get to feel it when you see that…

What do you know about the Romanian land book registry?

romanian land book registry

What is the Romanian land book registry? The land book registry is a public register in…

About the “Gray Area” of Posthumous Publication

posthumous publication

If a lost diary of the most famous poet who ever lived were discovered today, without…

What are the courts in Romania?

romanian court

The judicial system in Romania is a hierarchical structure, which can be seen in the form…

What is copyright?


Copyright – what does it mean, in short? In Romania, copyright is regulated by Law no….