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Curiosities about Romanian judges

curiosities about romanian judges

Maybe you are interested in making a career as a judge, maybe you just want to…

Why do we study Roman law?

roman law

The feeling of success is indescribable and you get to feel it when you see that…

What do you know about the Romanian land book registry?

romanian land book registry

What is the Romanian land book registry? The land book registry is a public register in…

About the “Gray Area” of Posthumous Publication

posthumous publication

If a lost diary of the most famous poet who ever lived were discovered today, without…

What are the courts in Romania?

romanian court

The judicial system in Romania is a hierarchical structure, which can be seen in the form…

What is copyright?


Copyright – what does it mean, in short? In Romania, copyright is regulated by Law no….

5 facts you didn’t know about Romanian lawyers

5 facts romanian lawyer

Law is a fascinating field of study and profession. In Romania, the essential condition for practicing…

Which are the rights and obligations of the spouses during the marriage in Romania?

rights and obligations spouses

Marriage is the freely consented union between a man and a woman, concluded in accordance with…

5 Reasons you should do business in Romania

doing business in romania

When looking for up-and-coming European Union (EU) countries that have started to catch the eye of…

The Rule of Law mechanism in the European Union

the rule of law

What is the Rule of Law mechanism? According to the European Commission website: ”The rule of…