How can you move to Romania as a Ukrainian freelancer?

At present, Romania offers three different options to Ukrainian freelancer who want to settle long term in Romania:

  1. Apply for asylum – In times of war, the state offers asylum to refugees, which, in reality, means that you can settle in Romania similarly to a Romanian citizen and you can get a job here. The only problem with this option is that you cannot move freely to another country, not even from the EU.
  2. Temporary protection – It is guaranteed throughout the war and it means that you can come and stay on the territory of the Romanian state. The advantage over the previously presented procedure is that you can move to any other country in the European Union if this is an option for you at any given time.
  3. Employment – ​​Due to the massive emigration of Romanian citizens in recent years, Romania suffers from a serious lack of labor force. This aspect facilitates the possibility for Ukrainian citizens to engage in Romanian businesses, even without first obtaining asylum or temporary protection. In fact, at the moment, Ukrainian citizens are not even required to have a work permit in order to work in Romania.

Our opinion is that the third option is the most advantageous right now, as it gives you to possibility of getting employed and obtaining a residence permit without the need to complete any prior formalities. It also gives you the needed funds to stay in Romania long term.

But what is the best option for Ukrainian freelancers?

Our opinion is that the best option for this very specific case is to set up your own Romanian company and also work for it. This option gives you, above all, the possibility to stay in Romania even after the end of the war.

Also, if you want to move back to Ukraine or any other state, there is always the opportunity to manage your business remotely.

Moreover, this option facilitates the obtaining of permanent residence in Romania and even Romanian citizenship.

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