Forbes 30 under 30

Being successful sounds great. Being young and successful sounds even better. And harder to accomplish – how can you enjoy your youth, find out what you’re good at and receive recognition for it, all before turning 30 years of age?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, not for these 30 lucky (or more likely, hard-working) girls and boys. To be recognized by Forbes, the no. 1 business magazine, as being both young and success is a pretty great deal. And having a big party in honor of your amazing accomplishments tops it off wonderfully.

R&R Partners team attended the Forbes 30 under 30 Gala, held at the wonderful Stradale Restaurant, and found great inspiration in the stories of other youngsters, from different working fields (IT, creative arts, audit, entertainment etc.), who show the extraordinary potential of the Millennials generation.

P.S.: we cannot help, but feel a little work-biased. So we want to send special congrats to our college colleague, Ana-Maria Udriste, who received Forbes recognition for its contribution to two legal platforms: Jurio and Avocatoo. Congratulations, Ana, and keep up the great work!