Starting your own business #1 | From idea to reality

April was off to a great start for us, by doing one of the things we enjoy most – public speaking.

By combining R&R Partners expertise on company set-up with the event planning skills of Bucurestiul Tinerilor, a great legal seminar was born: Company set-up – from idea to reality. The turn out was much more than expected – the soon-to-be entrepreneurs filled every bit of space in the event room at Education Point and listened to our almost 2 hours presentation on company registration, legal and taxation differences between companies. And also showered us with interesting questions on all these matters, which made us really happy – that means Romanian entrepreneurship spirit is on the rise!

Given the extensive interest in our seminar, we decided to repeat this great experience. So be sure not to miss us on May the 11th, 6.30 PM at Education Point for another great presentation and open questions session with the legal team at R&R Partners Bucharest! You can find more about the event here.

See you there!



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