Can I move my business to Romania?

Do you have a business in another country? Are you thinking about moving it to Romania, either for tax reasons, or because you live and work here?

Find out below from our lawyers all you need to know!

Having a Romanian business does not exclude you from any tax liability in your home state

You should know that the place from where the business is conducted has a high importance in establishing how the company is taxed and the place where you are living has a strong influence where you are personally taxed.

Practically there are two taxes that you pay as the owner of a company, as follows:

  • a corporation tax, which is paid by your company and the lowest you can have is 1% if you have one full time employee in Romania.
  • a dividend tax which is paid on your behalf by the company, when you withdraw dividends out of the company.

In short, you must know that the company should be managed from Romania in order to not have any problems with reinterpretation of the tax residency and you should apply for tax residency after 185 days of staying in Romania, in order to obtain your tax residency.

If you are in this situation, do note that you can book a consultation with us and we can give you tailored advice or even assist you thorough out the procedure, so you will have no problem with the Romanian tax authority. You can book a consultation by clicking this link.

As a foreign citizen, you will be considered a tax resident of your country

Although the company is presumed to be a Romanian tax resident, you, as a foreign citizen, you are not presumed to be a Romanian tax resident and your country will consider you a tax resident until the tax residency is changed.

For this you will need to de-register from the state of citizenship and obtain a Romanian tax residency certificate, afterwards all income (foreign and Romanian) will be declared only in Romania and your country of citizenship will have no claim over it.

Until your tax residency is not changed, you must be aware that all the dividends that you obtain from Romania should be reported to the country of tax residency and the treaty of avoiding double taxation will be applied if available. Therefore, you should plan moving your business ahead of time, so you will not have any issues with the cash flow or taxation.



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