5 reasons to register your trademark

Once you determine how to advertise your products or services to the public, you will most likely have certain designs that are unique to your company, which can be registered as trademarks. These are used to identify your brand and to help you stand apart from the competition.

In Romania, anyone can apply for trademark registration and obtain a certificate of registration, if they meet all legal requirements. Here are five reasons why you should definitely register your trademark:

1. Stand out

Registration is necessary to prevent someone else (most likely a competitor) to register the same name and prevent you from using it.

It is important to have a unique identity and design so that customers can easily identify your business.

2. Avoid financial loss

If you accidentally infringe upon someone else’s registered trademark, you could be sued by its owner and end up paying damages plus legal fees. If this happens, you will need to create a new logo or even rename your company, while also losing additional money with new marketing materials.

After this kind of scandal, you might lose a lot of customers, as well.

3. Don’t confuse your clients

If another company uses the same (or closely similar) design for their products, this can potentially confuse your costumers. You can avoid this by registering your trademark and making sure all potential clients will come your way.

After registering your trademark, you can also ask your competitor to change their design, so that they don’t infringe upon your registered trademark.

4. Make your business grow

If you want to build a solid brand, you need to register your mark.

This way, your business will also be more desirable to potential business partners or investors. Intellectual property is one of your biggest business assets, but it’s worth nothing if it is not registered and protected.

5. Money, money, money

A trademark is an asset that has monetary value, so it can be bought or sold separately.

Also, if at some point you decide to make an exit from your business, having intellectual property will make it more valuable for a potential buyer.

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