What do we learn in civil law in college?

Civil law has been with us, law students, since the first year of study. Being novice in the field of law, we begin to deepen it, little by little, because it is a complex subject, not resembling any other subject studied in school.

We learn that civil law protects patrimonial and non-patrimonial rights belonging to individuals and legal entities. Also, the vast discipline regulates a lot of legal institutions, such as: assets, family relationships, inheritance, conclusion, modification and extinguishment of contracts.

Why is Civil Law considered “common law”?

Civil law is called “common law”, due to the fact that it finds application in the situation in which the legislation of a branch of law does not cover a situation arising in practice, applying Civil Law legislation. In this way, civil law rules intervene whenever another branch of law does not contain its own legal rules.

The importance of civil law in everyday life

Civil law accompanies us from birth to the end of life, defending the interests of each individual and protecting the subjective patrimonial and non-patrimonial rights, belonging to natural and legal persons, on positions of legal equality.

The importance of civil law in the life of the law student

Certainly, any law student is aware that without knowledge of this discipline, he can make his student years more difficult. Being so vast, Civil Law is the “first brick” in the entire “construction”, and with its help, we can make connections between the subjects we encounter, we can deepen this field easily and we can develop our morality. Therefore, every person who wants to develop in the legal field must realize that civil law is the “best friend” of the law student, and without knowing him, you cannot really discover the legal world.

Therefore, Civil Law is the one that lays the foundations for the future lawyer, and the student will use the necessary forces to become a perfect practitioner in the field of law.

Dinu Ioana

Legal Intern R&R Partners Bucharest

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