Whether you are a foreign national and have acquired Romanian citizenship and now live in your country of origin, or you are a Romanian citizen and have left the country, and in the meantime there have been changes in your marital status regarding the name, the Romanian authorities ask that the name change should be recognized in Romania.

If you have double citizenship, it is relatively straightforward, as you will only have to go through the administrative procedure in order for your name change to be recognized.

There are three ways you can change your name:

  • by court decision
  • by an administrative procedure
  • through divorce

If you have the citizenship of the state in which you changed your name or if the change of name was not made by a court decision, in Romania you can go directly through the administrative procedure, without appearing in court. If you go through the administrative procedure, the application is submitted to the mayor’s office, last domicile or the Cityhall of Bucharest District 1  which holds the birth / marriage certificate, in person or through a proxy with a special, authenticated power of attorney.

All documentation is mailed to the M.A.I. – D.E.P.A.B.D. for approval. The mention of the change of the surname and / or of the first name intervened abroad is registered only with the approval of the M.A.I. – D.E.P.A.B.D., the term for solving the request being 30 days.

If you have Romanian citizenship, but you do not have the citizenship of the state in which you changed your name, and the change was made by a court decision, the procedure will take up to two years or maybe more and a court approval is needed.

Elena Daniela Iamandi

Legal Intern R&R Partners Bucharest

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